In this section you will find the documents and information which will help you through the course of your SMiLE experience! Any additional information and personal SMiLE correspondence will be managed through the MOODLE site (learning online platform for students of URV). It is important that you consult the Moodle site regularly. 
You will be able to access Moodle as soon as you have a URV username and password

4. Sample of a Final Report (1) (2) (3) (4)


1. Schedule Sample
Sample copy of SMiLE teaching schedule: send a copy to the Liz Russell and also to the SMiLE student.

2. AssistanceSheet
This document should be signed by the Institute Teacher in order to certify the 40 hours the SMiLE student should  complete each semester. 

3. Certified Letters
SMiLE certificate: to be signed by the Director and Coordinator of the Institute and given to the SMiLE student before s/he leaves.

4. Student Checklist
To be filled in by the Institute SMiLE coordinator and to be sent by e-mail to Liz Russell and Mònica Escarcelle.