SMiLE is a joint coordination programme between the Department of English & German Studies (URV) and the Secondary Schools (INS) in Tarragona. It began in the academic year 2009-2010 as a pilot scheme and was coordinated by:

  • Elizabeth Russell: Department of English & German Studies, URV.
  • Mònica Escarcelle: Junior High School representative, Tarragona Education Department.
  • Susana de Llobet: International Centre, URV.

The SMiLE programme is especially designed for incoming Erasmus students to the Department of English & German Studies in the URV. Its aim is twofold: to promote English, French and German in the secondary schools and to offer work placement exercises for incoming Erasmus students, especially those who might wish to specialise in TEFL. Erasmus students who join the programme will work as language assistants and will obtain 6 ECTS credits after completing 40 hours of work placement.